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PC/Mac General Computer Repairs

PC & Mac General Computer Repairs

Reliable computer repair and services provided by industry certified professionals. From power supply replacements to non booting systems, we’ll get it fixed

When you need computer support, our team can be with you every step of the way. We offer remote assistance that will get your system up and running again in most cases without an onsite visit – saving time for both us AND them! If it’s something really complicated or difficult-there might still require some hands-on work but at least we’ll know what needs fixing so there won’t be any surprises later down road when things go wrong again and they usually do.

Computer hardware repair

We know that your computer is an integral part of the work you do, so we want to get it back up and running as soon as possible.  Our team specializes in diagnosing any hardware or software related problems with all makes/models including desktop computer services, drives with corrupted files, lost pictures, endless restarting errors, USB ports not working properly and especially CRASHES… yes they can happen to anyone! We offer A+ certified technicians who will make sure everything gets fixed correctly without spending too much time on simple fixes like replacing old parts when there might be something wrong deeper below level.

Computer will not boot

When your computer is not working properly, it can be frustrating! Luckily our team of trained technicians will help diagnose the issue and get you back up running fast. We make certain that no matter what’s causing issues with booting or startup successorship; we’ll take care all necessary repairs so if things aren’t working well now they soon won’t bother you anymore. It feels good knowing there are people who love doing their job as much us–and making sure everything goes smoothly for customers

Data transfer to new computer/Clone hard drive

Have you recently purchased a new PC and would like all of your data transferred to the new PC?  No problem at all.  Our team will safeguard your data and transfer it to your new PC same day.  Perhaps you just purchased a new (larger or ssd) drive and wouldn’t like all the information on your old drive cloned to the new drive?  We can do that as well!  It would be a seamless procedure and your PC will boot up with the new, larger (or ssd) drive with all data and info intact.

Install new hardware (upgrades)

From memory to video cards, DrPC can install your new components and make sure their working correctly: hard drives, RAM, video cards, etc.  Don’t just trust your PC to anyone, one of our A+ certified techs will get the job completed correctly.

Software installation and repair

We know that your software and email is important to you, which is why we want make sure it’s running smoothly. When something goes wrong with either of these things in particular (or any other problems!), give us a call for help getting back on track!

Onsite computer repair

We know that some of our clients prefer to have the repairs done in their home. If you want a hassle-free experience and quick solutions, just give us call so we can schedule an appointment for one of our technicians arrive on time with all necessary tools!

Remote computer repair

With our mobile repair service, you don’t have to send your computer out for repairs. We’ll come right into the office and take care of everything from there!  All it takes is a bootable SSD or physical access in order set up shop on-site with expert technicians who are certified across every sort imaginable – so no matter what issues arise (even those pesky blue screens), we can fix them without breaking pace thanks exclusively owned techs.

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Buying the latest and greatest computer or device always sounds nice and then you get hit with the Price! Making the necessary repairs and upgrades will extend the life of your essential devices while keeping their speed and performance right where you need it. We pride ourselves on outstanding and honest service. We are not afraid to recommend purchasing new if that’s what is best for our clients.

Common Repairs & Upgrades

  • Hard drives
  • Processors
  • Motherboards
  • Graphic cards
  • RAM
  • Screens
  • Keyboards

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